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Birch & Belle is a best friend wedding photography team based in West Michigan! We both got married the same year, had babies the same time, and now shoot weddings together.
(I know, right??)
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untitled shoot-147.jpg
Also known as "The wedding photographer for the awkward couple!" 
We will create a warm and inviting environment you'll feel comfortable in!
We have been in your shoes and know what it takes to plan this amazing day. We also provide many helpful resources for our couples to use!
I'm Kayla, the lead photographer on your wedding day. I specialize specifically in weddings, elopements, & engagements! This is my absolute passion and I devote myself to making sure it is a fun and memorable experience for YOU. 
Nothing is more exciting than arriving to a couple's wedding day AND getting to document it for them!
Autumn is the official second photographer for Birch & Belle. She is there to provide extra coverage to ensure nothing is missed on this most amazing day! We work together to make this experience the best it can possibly be because we know this day cannot be redone!

If you love to laugh, value irreplaceable memories, want to have a relaxed wedding day, and know that we will capture every moment of your special day... Let's go!!!

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