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Sunset Place Mason, MI Romantic Woodsy Wedding | Apryl & Kyle

Apryl and Kyle were married this past Sunday at the beautiful Sunset Place near Mason, Michigan. The weather was perfect! It was breezy and sunny, and we had one of the best sunsets we’ve seen in a long time! Sunset Place really delivered on the sunset! It was a beautiful venue that offered lots of wooded trails, large open fields, camping, glamping, and of course a stunning sunset!

We arrived to find Apryl getting ready in one of the cabins and Kyle outside with all his groomsmen. The reception area was under a large tent where they had dark green and gold centerpieces with boho inspired flowers on top of the rustic picnic tables.

Apryl requested first looks with her father, stepfather, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. We started with her bridesmaids who wore pretty dark green dresses that were all different styles. We lined them up outside and set up Apryl behind them and when they turned to look at her, they were in awe. Some cried and laughed and then they all hugged, it was such a cute moment!

Next was her stepfather who we set up outside next to the cabin. He turned to look at Apryl who was gorgeous in her mermaid style, lace wedding dress from The Dress Shop in Howell, MI. She handed him a gift, he opened it and smiled, and they both embraced.

Then was her father’s first look. We set him up and when he looked at her you could tell how proud he was of his daughter. He was definitely holding back tears as they hugged. She also had a gift for him. Which was his tie that he would wear that day with a picture of him and her sewn onto the tip of the tie.

Last was the groomsmen and she had a SPECIAL gift for all of them. When they turned to look at her, she was holding five Smirnoff Ice drinks and told them they’d been iced! Now if you’re not familiar with “being iced” I’ll explain it. If someone presents you with a Smirnoff Ice, you must finish said drink right then and there and that’s exactly what they did but not before they also handed a secret one to Apryl!

The ceremony was held in an outside chapel which was a short woodsy trail walk from the reception area. They had a special sand ceremony where they poured blue and green sand into an hourglass. Another cute thing they did was after they placed their rings on each other they made a pinky promise, then kissed each other’s hands. She had told us earlier that they were going to do this because it was special to them and they always pinky promise when it’s important. We love it when our couples make their wedding unique to them!

After our couple said I do, we took time to take some absolutely stunning pictures of them and their super fun bridal party! Then it was time for the reception! The bridal party had quite an elaborate entrance! The DJ announced all the groomsmen as they rode out on mini dirt bikes. They rode around the tent and ended up inside the tent in front of the head table. She then announced the bridesmaids who lined up next to the groomsmen who were still sitting on the bikes and began acting and dancing as if they were the guy’s pit crew! SO FUN! The DJ then announced the new couple. They made their way through the reception area as all their family and friends cheered for them and then they shared their first dance together. Truly an unforgettable moment!

Dinner was delicious by Tasteful Kreations! They had pork loins, creamy chicken, cheesy pasta, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, and salad. After dinner Apryl danced with her father, stepfather, and brother, then Kyle danced with his mother. They also had an anniversary dance ending with two couples that had been married for fifty-one and fifty-two years!

The sun was starting to set and so we gathered up our couple and piled into one of the golf carts to go to an open field just a little way from the reception. When we got there, we were in awe of how pretty it was. This field was huge, and the sunset was spectacular! Almost as beautiful as our couple!

Apryl and Kyle, if your marriage is anything like your wedding day its sure to be full of love, happy surprises and gorgeous sunsets!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Waite!

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